Value-oriented brand management

A brand is successful when it conveys emotions. This creates preferences and thus improves competitiveness. The “Liechtensteinische Landesbank” and “Bank Linth” brands stand for reliability and trust. They also signal agility and innovative power. With an identical value system, the two brands demonstrate they have the same origin. This can be seen graphically. The uniform figurative mark of the LLB Group is classical and modern. The clear geometry of the brand logo stands for security and stability. The angles projecting beyond the basic shape symbolise our openness. The colour green signals our origin, and the red square core stands for our focus on what is essential and on our partners. The harmony and equality with which the elements form a unity represent partnership. The figurative mark is used by all the divisions in our Group.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank (icon)

Our figurative mark is reflected in the vision and guiding principles of the Group as well as in the strategic positioning of the two brands. The vision is encapsulated in the motto: “We set standards for banking with values.” The values of “integrity”, “respectfulness”, “excellence” and “pioneering” that shape our corporate culture are anchored in our guiding principles (see chapter “Employees”). At the same time, the LLB and Bank Linth brands are clearly positioned with their own promise. For LLB, this is “Tradition meets innovation” and for Bank Linth, “Simply. More. Value.”.

Image campaigns

We convey our value system through well-orchestrated image campaigns. With the claim “Tradition meets innovation”, the LLB Group launched a new image campaign in Austria in autumn 2018 and then rolled it out in the markets of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Middle East in the first half of 2019. It is designed as the basis for positioning the entire LLB Group and the first campaign to be shown uniformly in all our market regions. The four subjects reflect the key messages: “security and stability”, “innovation and flexibility”, “competence and vision” as well as “education and values”. The messages are visualised by combining historical objects with modern achievements.

The brand image measures that Bank Linth also initiated in autumn 2018 translate the claim “Simply. More. Value.” in a way that is memorable and appropriate to the target group. The subjects interpret in image and text the proximity to clients and show how added value is created through authentic and personal relationships.

Employer branding

As a universal bank, we provide a variety of jobs covering a range of topics. Our human and value-oriented corporate culture distinguishes us. We endeavour to offer attractive terms of employment and continually invest in the development of our modern work environment. We convey this externally through the targeted use of employer branding measures (see chapter “Employees”).

“youli”: Brand for the young generation

LLB and Bank Linth address 15 to 30 year olds directly with the “youli” label. We engage them with an internet site and an own social media presence tailored to the target group. We have attractive products and services, create experiences with join-in activities and also offer tips and advice. With the “youli” youth range and the corresponding member card, young people benefit from various special conditions.