Risk categories

The LLB Group is exposed to various types of risks. It differentiates between the following risk categories:

Risk categories
Risk categories (graphic)

Market risk

The risk of losses arises from unfavourable changes in interest rates, exchange rates, security prices and other relevant market parameters.

Liquidity and refinancing risk

Represents the risk of not being able to fulfil payment obligations on time or not being able to obtain refinancing funds on the market at a reasonable price to fulfil current or future payment liabilities.

Credit risk

Credit or counterparty risk includes the danger that a client or a counterparty cannot or cannot completely fulfil their obligations vis à vis the LLB Group or an individual Group company. This can result in a financial loss for the LLB Group.

Operational risk

Is the danger of losses due to the unsuitability or failure of internal procedures, people or systems, or as a result of external events.

Strategic risk

Arises as a result of decisions taken by the Group Executive Board which have a negative influence on the survival, development ability or independence of the LLB Group.

Reputation risk

If risks are not recognized, reasonably controlled and monitored, this can lead to considerable financial losses and damage to the company’s reputation.