Partner-like dialogue and transfer of knowledge

The transfer of knowledge and the strong networking with external partners is particularly important for intermediaries. By transferring knowledge, we create added value for our clients and promote the exchange of ideas and views. For this purpose, we utilise two channels: our exclusive round-table events and an online platform designed to fulfil the requirements of intermediaries. In addition, we have extensive and close links with various associations and financial centre players, so that we can learn right in the front line which subjects are, or are going to be, important in the future. This enables us to actively shape and configure the basic business conditions which determine our business model.

“LLB Xpert Views”

Our “LLB Xpert Views” online platform is a central point of contact for fiduciaries, independent asset managers, investment fund managers and fund promoters. We can make available our know-how in the areas of asset management, as well as law and taxation to our clients via the online platform. Moreover, “LLB Xpert Views” supports our professional clients in complying with the latest regulatory provisions. They receive a compact and transparent overview of the latest regulatory developments relevant to them.

To nurture the exchange of views and experience with intermediaries, we organise exclusive “LLB Xpert Views” round-table discussions several times a year. Within the context of these discussions, LLB internal experts and investment specialists regularly inform clients about current practical issues. The focus in 2019, for example, was on the reimbursement of withholding tax, the strategic investment location, a pragmatic approach to monetary policy and national risk assessment and its significance. In total, we held fourteen such round-tables during the year under report.

Partnerships with financial centre players

LLB participates actively in various networks and thus secures an audience in the financial services sector for its views. The Group company, LLB Asset Management AG, is a member of the Liechtenstein Association of Independent Asset Managers and a committed partner in the development of the financial centre. At the same time, the Group company, LLB Fund Services AG, is a member of the executive board of the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association, which actively shapes the basic framework of the Liechtenstein fund centre. LLB Österreich is a member of the executive board of the Association of Austrian Investment Companies – the umbrella association of all Austrian administration companies and all Austrian real estate capital investment companies. In Zurich, LLB Swiss Investment AG is a member of the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association, the representative trade association of the Swiss investment fund and asset management industry.