Asset Management

The Asset Management Business Area supports all three market divisions in their target regions by providing them with its investment competence and value-oriented investment approach (see chapter “Strategy and organisation”). It therefore plays a central role within the LLB Group. Our specialists have extensive experience in meeting the investment needs of private and institutional clients.

For the most part, the over fifty LLB investment funds are actively managed by experienced fund managers and are licensed for distribution in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Thanks to its broadly diversified strategy funds, LLB has been one of the leading vendors in long-term competition comparison for many years (see “Awards”). In concrete terms, for us diversification means that with our strategy funds we invest in over fifty asset classes and in over 4’000 individual securities.

Our Asset Management has been GIPS certified for almost twenty years. These international quality standards are based on the complete and correct disclosure, as well as comparable presentation of investment results. They ensure that clients receive fair and transparent reports.

Multi-factor investing

Quantitative methods enable equity universes to be efficiently and systematically screened according to a diversified selection of scientifically recognised factors in order to localise the most attractive securities. In order to employ this methodology to best effect, we have developed our own multi-factor approach: the “LLB Multi-Factor Model”. This provides our researchers and fund managers with a broadly based quantitative analysis and therefore a sound basis for the selection of the most attractive equities. Supplemented with the careful fundamental analysis of our experienced experts, we then achieve an ideal mix of securities to ensure good investment success over the medium to long term. The use of the LLB Multi-Factor Model in our range of equity funds enables us to generate clear added value for our clients.

Focus on sustainable investment products

Starting in 2016, LLB has supplied sustainable solutions in its investment advisory and asset management services (“LLB Invest”). In 2019, we launched a large-scale project to develop such products and investment processes even further. Our objective is to substantially expand our own range of high-quality, sustainable investment solutions for private and institutional clients over the next few years. We shall strive to find appropriate solutions both for the asset management core business and for investment funds.

Asset management

Client requirements are always at the forefront at the LLB Group. To enable clients to invest their assets according to their investment horizon and their personal risk tolerance, LLB offers six different investment strategies; these range from “Fixed Interest” to “Equities” in the reference currencies CHF, EUR and USD. The volume of assets under management at the end of 2019 stood at CHF 8.7 billion. We have also extended our offering with passive asset mandates having various investment strategies, as well as passively managed equity funds. Furthermore, LLB Österreich offers a total return approach in the form of a mandate focused on value preservation.