Internal control system

The internal control system (ICS) contributes to increasing risk transparency within the company as an integral part of our Group-wide risk management by monitoring the risks in the relevant business processes through effective control processes. The LLB Group applies standards that are customary in the banking industry to this sub-system of risk management.

Compliance risks are seen as part of risk management at the LLB Group. It is based on the internationally recognised three lines of defence model:

  • The first line of defence covers all the functions that are involved in conducting day-to-day business operations and, as a rule, have results-based objectives.
  • The second line of defence – this includes the LLB Group’s compliance organisation – carries out, independently of the market and the results, monitoring and control functions, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable internal and external regulations.
  • In the third line of defence, the internal audit ensures the effectiveness of the controls.