Financial intermediaries

We are passionate about looking after our professional clients. In addition to our partner-like collaboration with independent asset managers and fiduciaries, in 2019, we concentrated on further expanding our institutional client segment. We are a reliable partner for pension funds and public institutions, offering them a specialised range of services. In close cooperation with our outstanding Asset Management team and our investment fund specialists, we can offer our clients made-to-measure, ideal investment solutions. The direct contact with our clients is of cardinal importance to us. To facilitate the work of our clients, we are continually investing in digital user interfaces and functions for them.

Expansion of digital services for our clients

Our intermediary clients depend on efficient, end-to-end solutions, standard processes have to be fast and unbureaucratic. This saves them more time for their end clients. LLB supports intermediaries with personal advice and user-friendly digital tools, which we are continually refining and upgrading. Our digital form centre, which we will introduce during the first half of 2020, will represent a quantum leap. Thanks to intuitive user navigation and a clear structure, we will simplify the client onboarding process and significantly reduce the time and effort required by intermediaries. The provision of an electronic signature means that the process can be completed digitally in future, making it even faster.

In the year under report, we also optimised our Online Banking and, with the addition of the new “pro-modus”, aligned it even more on the needs of professional clients. This enables spread sheets to be filtered, sorted and comprehensively analysed with the “pivot functions”. An export function makes the configured contents available for downloading.

Through the “LLB Connect” interface companies can execute payment, stock market and foreign exchange orders in their usual software environment and submit them quickly, securely and efficiently to LLB. The accounting system can be automatically reconciled with accounts payable and accounts receivable. In addition, thanks to “LLB DataFeed”, clients can retrieve the latest information and import it into their programme.

In January 2020, we introduced our innovative “LLB Portfolio Analysis” tool at LLB Österreich. This tool is already available to clients of the parent bank and Bank Linth. Among other functions, it enables intermediaries to analyse portfolios, compare them with selected benchmarks and place stock market orders directly.

Business compliance function

In response to a client need, we established a business compliance function for financial intermediaries in 2017. In the case of complex business issues, our compliance specialists can be called in to advise clients about regulatory requirements and to support them through the compliance process. In addition, the business compliance function carries out preliminary clarifications for various business cases and therefore helps to quickly identify and address regulatory obstacles. Financial intermediaries greatly appreciate this service and use it regularly.