Financial centre strategy

In February 2019, the Government published a comprehensive financial centre strategy designed to further enhance the competitiveness of the Liechtenstein financial centre. The attractiveness of Liechtenstein as an international and innovative financial centre and its positive perception as a stable and reliable financial centre at home and abroad are to be further strengthened. The strategy includes, among other things, the continuing resolute pursuit of the path of compliance with international and European rules and standards. The Government intends to intensify its dialogue with key partner countries. It is evaluating membership in international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to better represent the interests of the country. It also attaches great importance to digitalisation and blockchain technology. With the Blockchain Act (Token and TT Service Providers Act, TVTG), Liechtenstein is the first country in the world to develop a legal basis for the token economy. The act provides clear guidance for service providers.

Another topic in the Government’s financial centre strategy is sustainability – a factor which is also being strongly driven by the Liechtenstein Bankers Association and supported by the LLB Group.