An investment bank
delivering outperformance


α, the first letter of the Greek alphabet stands for the alpha factor in financial mathematics, a measurement of excess returns. A positive alpha measures the outperformance relative to competitors and creates added value for clients.

René Hensel

Equity & Multi Manager Management, Asset Management


An investment bank delivering outperformance

Investment competence is one of the central strengths of the LLB Group. For years our Asset Management has achieved excess returns with its actively managed strategy funds, and has received the highest international awards for them.

«Where the strategy is correct, outperformance can be expected.»

René Hensel,
Equity & Multi Manager Management, Asset Management

The LLB Group has received 44 awards in the last seven years for its investment competence in the equities and bonds asset classes. In 2019 alone, these included twelve prestigious Lipper Awards in Switzerland, in Austria, in Germany and in Europe.

The outstanding award so far: the gold medal in the flagship category «Overall Small Company», the Refinitiv Lipper Group Award for the best range of investment funds in Europe.


awards in the last seven years

The largest investment team in Liechtenstein has a wealth of experience in the management of large volume assets for private and institutional clients. The team pursues tried, tested and sustainable investment strategies. The fee structure is innovative and transparent, and costs are aligned with performance.

Over ten years, all actively managed strategy funds achieve an above-average performance. The latest technology is utilised to analyse markets and risks. One of the most important pillars of LLB Asset Management's investment philosophy is the quest to attain very broad diversification, both according to asset classes and individual securities.

Thanks to its excellent expertise, international reputation and closeness to clients, LLB Asset Management plays a key role for the LLB Group in Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland.

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