Banking as an experience for clients

The LLB Group attaches great importance to integrity and transparency in all communication. We are in constant dialogue with our various stakeholder groups through different channels. By connecting to our clients on the emotional level, we create familiarity and thus trust.

“Integrity” and “respectfulness” are values that are also paramount in the communication with our clients. “Innovative” and “pioneering” is our approach to how we make banking an experience for our clients. After all, many emotions are associated with financial transactions. Only when clients trust their bank, the staff, the products and the technological services and also understand its offerings, do they feel well looked after and respected. It is therefore important to us to make banking simple and an experience. This basic philosophy affects all the points of contact with clients. The client’s experience is placed centre stage and an emotional value proposition that creates proximity to the client is defined. Clients are appealed to through all of their senses: be it through our image campaigns, through our digital communication channels or in our newly designed bank branches.

Client proximity through systematic surveys

Knowing the needs of clients is the basis for the further development of our channels and offerings. In spring 2020, we therefore intend to conduct an extensive survey of our clients in all divisions and market regions. At the same time, a customer experience concept is being developed to implement the results from the client survey even more systematically in our processes. Furthermore, in the future we want to discover our net promoter score, which is based on the question “How likely are you to recommend Liechtensteinische Landesbank to a friend or colleague?” and reveals how satisfied clients are with our services.