Corporate culture

Vision and guiding principles

Besides strategy and structure, the culture of a company is a critical factor in its success. The LLB Group is committed to a concept of banking with a binding system of values.

Our vision is encapsulated in the motto: “We set standards for banking with values.” Our vision of banking is based on the idea of managing material values with a clearly defined value system. The resulting guiding principles refer to a binding system of values, which mean the following to us:

  • integrity – We create clarity and stand by our word.
  • respectfulness – We believe in partnership and hold both clients and colleagues in high esteem.
  • excellence – We set standards through performance and passion.
  • pioneering – We play an active role in creating a sustainable future.

Vision, guiding principles, strategy and targets drive our thinking and our actions within the LLB Group in a sustainable way. We take various measures to ensure that our vision and guiding principles are firmly established in the minds of the employees and managers. To this end, we launched, among other things, the hashtag #wertvollhandeln to encourage employees to live the corporate values. And also the cultural journey started in 2018 is intended to make employees question their actions, exchange views and rethink processes. In 2020, as part of the cultural journey, the topic of ownership and delegation will be an element in the target agreements for all employees. Recorded will be, for example, what issues the employees champion and which overarching topics they take ownership of and promote (see chapter “Employees”).