Banking beyond


μ, the twelfth letter in the Greek alphabet stands for expectation with experiments. This is not a case of gut instinct, but rather of calculation. At a bank that focuses on personal meetings, banking becomes an inspirational experience.

Armin Heidegger

Head Business & Distribution Management Private and Corporate Clients


Banking beyond expectations

Its bank branches are still the core element and best advertisement for the LLB Group. In their new modern design they offer a banking experience that goes beyond clients' expectations. They combine technology, knowledge and trust in an integral whole for long-term success.

«Where complex financial issues have to be resolved, people expect answers from other people.»

Armin Heidegger,
Head Business & Distribution Management
Private and Corporate Clients

Go digital but stay personal, that is the credo of the LLB Group's bank branches. A modern ambience, technology, expertise and empathy come together here to provide a banking experience that goes beyond our clients' expectations.

Since 2019, the Balzers bank branch has been a real eye-catcher: an old municipal council building, listed as a protected monument, and now equipped with a great deal of what the modern banking industry has to offer. In 2020 and 2021, we shall redesign the branches in Eschen and at LLB's headquarters in Vaduz to meet our clients' expectations. At 17 of 20 branches of Bank Linth the bank of the future is already a reality.

Carrying out bank transactions everywhere and at anytime is normal practice in the digital world of our clients.


transactions were made via Online and Mobile Banking

Being able to find suitable solutions in a personal discussion is something quite special in a digital era. In cases involving complex issues such as succession rulings, inheritance, wealth planning and real estate, people expect answers from other people.

The redesigned bank branches of the LLB Group are both self-service centres and coaching lounges. Our staff have become hosts, advisers, facilitators and coaches. They link the digital with the personal world.

The LLB Group regards itself as a bank for people and businesses, serving them in all phases of life or every stage of the business cycle. Our superbly trained client advisers provide easy access to the financial world and make our clients feel well cared for and right at home with us.

Retail & Corporate Banking Client requirements at the forefront