Representation of employees

As a fair and responsible employer, it is important to us that employees have a body to whom they can turn should they encounter problems at work and which represents their interests vis-à-vis the Group Executive Board. The Representation of Employees (Arbeitnehmervertretung) at LLB’s parent bank holds a regular dialogue with the Group Executive Board. The Group CEO, the Head of Group Human Resources and representatives from the Representation of Employees meet every quarter. Issues discussed in 2019 included the growing administrative burden, resource bottlenecks in IT, the relationship between parent bank and subsidiaries, trust-based working time, cost-savings programmes, the promotion of further training and changes to the staff mortgage.

The Representation of Employees has a say in issues relating to staff pension plans, rationalisation projects, staff retrenchment and employee surveys. It also represents the viewpoint of the employees in various working groups such as the Mobility Commission, the Working Atmosphere and Health Commission and the Workspace 2.0 Working Group. The Group Executive Board is obliged to inform the Representation of Employees of all matters that are relevant to employees.