Brand strategy

A company has to earn trust and a good reputation. Transparent communication and a clear brand image are central to this. To this end, LLB is in constant dialogue with its various stakeholder groups through different channels.

The “Liechtensteinische Landesbank” and “Bank Linth” brands convey reliability and trust to our clients. They also signal agility and innovative power. They generate motivation and commitment among our employees. And our stakeholders value the stability, the security and the quality for which we stand. The two strong brands have the elements of colour and image in common and in this way emphasise that they are part of the LLB Group and its brand world.

The brands connect us with our clients and within our Group of companies. As Liechtensteinische Landesbank, we are a partner of the Principality of Liechtenstein and its people. On the one hand, we stand for the region and its culture; on the other, we are an international provider. With our focus on private banking, we are expanding in Switzerland and Austria, and tapping into the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. Our subsidiary Bank Linth is a partner of the economy and society in the region of eastern Switzerland.

With our brands, we want to reach our clients through all channels – in print and online media as well as through personal contact. In this way, we increase the value of our company from without and strengthen its identity from within. The brand strategy and the brand management of the LLB Group are based on the corporate strategy and aim to further increase brand recognition and firmly anchor the brand values. Concrete communication measures are determined annually during the planning process.

Brand components

The brand components comprise two elements – the figurative mark and the brand name. The latter may deviate if a subsidiary is not fully owned by LLB. Hence Bank Linth bears its original name. The figurative mark of the LLB Group is classical and modern. The clear geometry of the brand logo stands for security and stability. The angles projecting beyond the basic shape symbolise our openness. The colour green signals our origin, and the red square core stands for our focus on what is essential and on our partners. The harmony and equality with which the elements form a unity represent partnership. The common vision and the binding guiding principles of the LLB Group are expressed in the brand. The key elements of the StepUp2020 strategy incorporate the brand values.

Brand positioning

The “Liechtensteinische Landesbank” and “Bank Linth” brands have an identical system of values. At the centre are the four key elements of the StepUp2020 strategy: growth, profitability, innovation and excellence (see chapter “Strategy and organisation”). The strategy is reflected in the vision and guiding principles of the Group and in the strategic positioning of the two brands. At the same time, they are clearly positioned with their own promise. For LLB, this is “Tradition meets innovation” and for Bank Linth, “Simply. More. Value.”.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank (icon)

Liechtensteinische Landesbank is the oldest financial institution in Liechtenstein. The claim “Tradition meets innovation” encapsulates what distinguishes it: LLB is committed to a concept of banking that is based on security and stability, while still being target-oriented and dynamic. It has innovative power, the strength of which comes from tradition. It creates added value by synthesising competing values. This leads to new and pioneering solutions.

Bank Linth (icon)

Bank Linth launched its new claim “Simply. More. Value.” in September 2018. “Simply” stands for the promise to provide financial services that are easy to access and uncomplicated to use – and builds strongly on the previous claim, “Truly simple”. “More” refers to the claim to exceed the expectations of clients and partners at all times. And “Value” signifies Bank Linth’s mission to prudently increase the professional and individual scope of its clients.