What makes banking

The structural design of the cow parsley plant repeats itself in the smallest and largest details. The self-similarity of the branches corresponds to the golden ratio. If one focuses on the cluster of flowers, one sees the overall shape of the plant.

Tobias Schlömer

Head of Group Multi Channel Management


In communicating at all levels lies the power.

At the LLB Group the digital and the personal world grow together to become a unique experience. Digitalisation is here to stay. A further phase in the development of digital channels is on the agenda – as well as the bank branch of the future.

«For many clients mobile banking is as natural as obtaining personal advice at a bank.»

Tobias Schlömer,
Head Group Multi Channel Management

In the banking of the future, the intelligent combination of technology, empathy and knowledge will make the difference . Clients will decide themselves when, how and where they contact their bank. The LLB Group is responding to this with a coordinated interplay of the various communication channels. The bank branches represent the bridge between online and offline services. Multi-media self-service will be the standard, but with key questions, people will want answers from other people.

The LLB Group is there for its clients where they need it. Digitally and personally. Regionally and internationally.

+40 %

mobile and online banking transactions in five years

The LLB Group regards itself as a bank for people and businesses – at all phases of their lives and at all stages of the business cycle. Our clients want to be able to carry out their bank transactions via the various communication channels, at any time and from any place, conveniently and efficiently. So far, we are one of the few banks to have designed its entire online offer as a one-stop shop in a portal. At the same time, we have turned obtaining financial advice at our bank branch of the future in a multi-media client zone into an inspiring experience.

At 13 of 19 branches of Bank Linth the bank of the future is already a reality. The LLB Group's client advisers have become hosts, advisers, facilitators and coaches. In Liechtenstein the Balzers bank branch is a real eye-catcher: an old municipal council building, listed as protected monument, and equipped with a great deal of what the digital banking world has to offer.

Five generations are among the LLG Group's clients. Each generation has its own ideas, values and dreams – our job is to offer each one of them the best solutions via the right channel as individually as possible. For this purpose we link bank branches and digital contact points into a seamless client experience and continually expand our range of services.

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