Time savings through lean management

Zeitgewinn durch Lean Management (graphic)

Lean management means establishing and pursuing a culture of constant improvement with a view to providing the best client benefits. Working together in the individual teams, solutions are sought to optimise processes, facilitate interaction and therefore enhance team performance without having to build up proportional capacities. Within the context of the StepUp2020 strategy, the Group COO Division has set itself the objective of firmly establishing a lean management culture at the LLB Group in line with the principle: growing profitably necessitates higher efficiency, leaner structures and functional IT solutions. For this purpose five specialists are supporting our teams. We want to gain more time for our clients and enhance the quality of advice in our three market divisions.

On account of our lean initiative, the demands made on our employees are changing. Lean management necessitates that we adopt a basic stance and have the conviction of placing added value for the client and efficiency at the front and centre of all our actions. It demands that we systematically question our working methods and continually endeavour to improve them.

Lean management in the market divisions

So far, lean transformations have been carried out in ten departments of the three market divisions. To this can be added four departments of the COO Division , which support the market units with their services and therefore contribute to client satisfaction. These departments have implemented improvements relating to clients, productivity, employees and quality. Moreover, they have selected further themes to continue reconfiguring their work environment according to the lean methodology. Accordingly, a total of more than one thousand improvement suggestions have been made by employees, over half of which have been implemented. The benefits for our clients include better quality and faster services.

In 2019, our goal remains to save more time for our clients. Essentially, this means optimising interface processes for the benefit of clients and ensuring that decisions are clear and transparent. This will enable us to safeguard and strengthen the LLB Group’s competitive position.