The LLB Group in profile

The LLB Group successfully positions itself as a universal bank with a strong private banking and institutional business.

First bank in Liechtenstein
founded in 1861

Moody’s rating

Three banks:
In Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria

Two competence centres:
LLB Asset Management and
LLB Fund Services

Three high-earning market divisions

Operating profit before tax

Three high-earning market divisions (pie chart)

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Diversified income structure


Diversified income structure (pie chart)

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Outstanding investment competence

Lipper Group Awards Switzerland 2018:
Liechtensteinische Landesbank
Winner over 3 years in the categories
Overall Small Company and Bond Small Company.

Strong in three home markets

  • Most important universal bank in Liechtenstein
  • Largest regional bank in eastern Switzerland
  • Leading asset management bank in Austria