Diversity of employees and managers

Studies show: diverse teams open up interesting new prospects, offer innovative approaches to problem solving and increase productivity as well as the attractiveness for new employees. Although we do not have any specific programme to promote diversity, people of different nationalities working together has been commonplace at our Group for many years. In 2018, 24 per cent of our employees were Liechtenstein nationals, 36 per cent Swiss nationals and 27 per cent were Austrian nationals. The proportion of Austrian nationals employed increased sharply compared to previous years due to the acquisition of Semper Constantia AG. All in all, people from 38 nations work at the LLB Group.

We are committed to ensuring that our client base is reflected in our employee mix (see “Regional employer”). This also applies to our traditional cross-border markets in Germany and the rest of Western Europe as well as to the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The proportion of women working for the LLB Group is relatively high at 43 per cent, though they are still under-represented in leadership positions. In July 2016, the first woman was appointed to the Group Executive Board (see chapter “Corporate governance”).

Employees by nationality
Employees by nationality (pie chart)

Women in management positions:

  • Executive management: 5 men, 1 woman
  • Senior management: 27 men, 1 woman

The Board of Directors of LLB, which is publicly listed, has been characterised by an above-average proportion of women since 2014. With two out of the six members women, they represent around 30 per cent of the board members. 78 employees were assigned to the “Potential Pools”, from which, among other things, future managers are recruited internally; of these, 21 (around 27 %) were female.

Number of employees by gender*
Number of employees by gender (bar chart)

*Board of Directors without Bank Linth and LLB(Swiss) Investment AG

Number of employees by age group*
Number of employees by age group (bar chart)

*Board of Directors without Bank Linth and LLB(Swiss) Investment AG