Brand management

The brand management of the LLB Group is based on the corporate strategy and aims to further increase brand recognition and firmly anchor the brand values. Concrete communication measures are determined annually during the planning process.

Image campaigns

Following the merger with Semper Constantia Privatbank AG, a new image campaign for LLB Österreich was launched on 1 October 2018 with the claim “Tradition meets innovation”. Four subjects reflect the key messages: “security and stability”, “innovation and flexibility”, “competence and vision” as well as “education and values”. The campaign is designed to serve as the basis for the positioning of the entire LLB Group and will be rolled out in the markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland, too, in the first half of 2019.

In addition, in Liechtenstein with the “From Liechtenstein, for Liechtenstein” campaign we highlight our heritage, our connection to the country and our proximity to its people. We underline that Liechtensteinische Landesbank has served as the bank for the country, the people and the economy of Liechtenstein for more than 150 years and that its deep roots can be seen, among other things, in its broad commitment to culture, sport and society (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”).

The brand image measures that Bank Linth also initiated in autumn 2018 are intended to translate the new claim in a way that is memorable and appropriate to the target group and thus strengthens spontaneous brand recognition. Using simple subjects and compelling slogans, they communicate what clients and employees can expect from the bank and convey the brand values in an appealing and authentic way.

Brand experience

A brand is successful when it stirs emotions. For implementing the brand experience, it is very important to us, therefore, to understand and meet the expectations of our clients. And this we can do by systematically surveying our clients and obtaining feedback from them. In the first quarter of 2019, we will further sharpen our brand profile. We are refurbishing the branch office in Balzers, which is due to open in spring 2019, with these aspects in mind. The client’s experience is placed centre stage and an emotional value proposition that creates proximity to the client is defined. Clients are appealed to through all of their senses. We create an experience with our bank products. The guiding principle behind the LLB Group brand experience is: “One idea closer”.

Brand study

Knowing the values our clients hold is the basis of our brand management. We conduct a client survey every two years. Our brand study from 2018 shows the three main characteristics ascribed to LLB:

  • LLB stands for proximity to the people, security and trust.
  • LLB is perceived as a leading asset management partner.
  • LLB is seen as a traditional, competent and stable bank.

The success of the LLB Group is closely related to client satisfaction. We receive information on the effectiveness of our client focus from regular analysis of the systematic feedback from all market divisions.

Employer branding

As a universal bank, we stand for a greater level of job diversity and a wider range of subject areas. As an employer, we are committed to a human and value-oriented corporate culture that is characterised by partnership-based cooperation. Our employer branding concept underlines the attractive working conditions. We position ourselves in job advertisements in print and online as well as in HR image ads with the claim “Banking as it is meant to be: friendly and professional” (see chapter “Employees”).

“youli”: Brand for the young generation

LLB and Bank Linth address 15 to 30 year olds directly with the “youli” label. We engage them with an internet site and an own social media presence tailored to the target group. We have attractive offers, create experiences with join-in activities and also offer tips and advice. With the “youli” youth range and the corresponding member card, young people benefit from various special conditions.