Service provider within the Group

The Corporate Center bundles, steers and controls the central functions within the LLB Group. As the internal service provider, it drives forward digitalisation, links the divisions and enhances processes through the application of lean management.

The Corporate Center comprises the Group CEO (see chapter “Strategy and organisation”), Group CFO (see chapter “Finance and risk management”) and Group COO Divisions. In this business segment all the departments are concentrated, which coordinate and monitor Group-wide business activities, processes and risks, but the segment also contains functions such as marketing, communication, human resources and legal and compliance services. It facilitates corporate development including information technology and improves the effectiveness of processes, as well as the quality of services. Fully focused on the requirements of the market divisions, the Corporate Center makes a direct contribution to the value added by the LLB Group.

The Corporate Center plays a key role in the realisation of the StepUp2020 strategy. In 2018, the priorities were placed on the digitalisation of banking business, the implementation of innovation management, as well as the optimisation of the organisation in line with the principles of lean management.

Corporate Center (graphic)

Shared Service Centers

Shared Services are provided centrally from one function within the LLB Group in order, inter alia, to ensure the efficient processing of payment transfers, as well as stock market and securities transactions. This applies both to the parent bank and to the subsidiaries. Thanks to the high level of automation and the standardisation of transaction processing, we have successfully improved efficiency and significantly increased processing throughput times. We bundle professional and technical knowledge in the shared services team, which results in an internal service structure that also contributes to substantially sinking costs in the business areas.