Innovation management

The collaboration between banks, IT service providers and fintech companies in developing the digital bank will be of key importance in the future. The pace of development is extremely rapid. Our aim is not just to keep pace with developments, but rather to bring pioneering digital solutions on to the market. In a bid to encourage the spirit of innovation among our staff and to channel ideas, we created an internal Innovation Management Department in 2018, which has launched a new Group-wide suggestion process. This envisages that submitted ideas must first pass through pre-defined “gates” in order to qualify for the next development step. This ensures that the available resources are deployed as efficiently as possible and that the ideas having the greatest potential will come to fruition. In 2018, LLB employees submitted more than 30 ideas, 20 value propositions and 10 pitches. Two ideas have already reached the “proof of concept” status and are being pursued further.