Regionally anchored

Retail & Corporate Banking is a regional and local business. Our client advisers are at home in their market regions and can assess the needs of private clients and companies (see chapter “Employees”). Founded in 1861, Liechtensteinische Landesbank is the oldest bank in Liechtenstein. Its continuing role as the financial backbone for private individuals and companies in the Principality is confirmed by the bank’s very high market share of retail & corporate banking business. Furthermore, LLB is the only bank that operates several bank branches and an extensive network of ATMs in Liechtenstein. Many customers are also shareholders of the bank: 18.8 per cent of LLB registered shares are held by private individuals and companies domiciled in Liechtenstein (see chapter “LLB share”). Established in 1848, Bank Linth also has a long history and is firmly anchored in the local community. Around 10’500 shareholders form the bank’s foundation and actively participate in its development.

Bank branch and ATM network

LLB is the only bank in Liechtenstein to offer

  • 3 bank branches and
  • 23 ATM locations

In the Swiss cantons of St. Gallen, Zurich, Schwyz and Thurgau Bank Linth operates a total of

  • 19 bank branches and
  • 29 ATM locations

Partner bank and SME Award

LLB is well networked with the local business community. In 2018, the bank further intensified its collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce that began in 2016. For the first time we jointly operated a stand at the Liechtenstein Industry, Trade and Commerce Exhibition (LIHGA), an annual regional trade fair. To underscore our expertise in corporate client business, in 2018 in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, we launched an SME Award. We now plan to award this prize every two years at the LIHGA (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”).

In 2017, LLB began providing advice to the Liechtenstein Technopark and to start-up companies as a network partner to the “Home of Innovation” initiative. Moreover, LLB is a supporting member of “”, a platform to encourage digital innovation and networking in Liechtenstein.