Regionally anchored

Thanks to its Retail & Corporate Banking, the LLB Group is successfully positioned as a universal bank for private and corporate clients. We are committed to tradition and innovation, and combine the bank branch of the future with the digital world.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB), founded in 1861, is the market leader in Liechtenstein in private and corporate client business. It is regarded as being the bank of Liechtensteiners, almost every resident is a client, 84.9 percent of the LLB’s registered shares are owned by private individuals and companies domiciled in Liechtenstein (see chapter “LLB share”).

The subsidiary company, Bank Linth (BLL), founded in 1848, is the largest regional bank in Eastern Switzerland and is also the bank for people and businesses at all phases of life or stages of the business cycle. Around 10’500 shareholders form the bank’s foundation and they actively participate in its development.

From Liechtenstein, for Liechtenstein

Retail & Corporate Banking is a local and regional business. Our client advisers are at home in their market regions and can assess the needs of private clients and companies. They know the history and individual aspects of the local region and its people (see chapter “Employees”). This is underscored by LLB’s many year’s participation in the LIHGA Liechtenstein’s regional trade fair, which will be held for the 40th time in 2018, as well as our 2017 marketing campaign “From Liechtenstein, for Liechtenstein – that’s what we stand for”.

Bank branch and ATM network

LLB is the only bank in Liechtenstein to offer

  • 3 bank branches and
  • 23 ATM locations

In the Swiss cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen, Schwyz and Glarus, Bank Linth operates a total of

  • 19 bank branches and
  • 30 ATM locations

Clients and markets

Our Retail & Corporate Banking encompasses the savings and financing business in the domestic markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. This is supplemented by many kinds of client relationships with cross-border commuters from the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. The LLB Group offers the entire spectrum of banking and financial services for private and corporate clients. Traditionally, savings and mortgage lending business has played a key role for LLB. In Liechtenstein, LLB holds a market share of 50 percent of this business.

We are also the only bank in Liechtenstein to offer 360-degree financial planning and individual pension fund solutions with the LLB Pension Fund Foundation for Liechtenstein (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”). In eastern Switzerland, Bank Linth also offers 360-degreee financial planning, and since 2008, pension fund solutions for corporate clients with the ALVOSO LLB Pension Fund. In addition, Retail & Corporate Banking provides specific investment advice and asset management to clients having available assets up to CHF 0.5 million.

Lending business

Lending business continues to be an important business area for the LLB Group. Steadily increasing lending volumes and the low interest rate structure make this business particularly challenging. In Liechtenstein, LLB is the number one address for around 37’000 private and corporate clients. For Bank Linth lending business represents a major earnings stream in its eastern Swiss market region.