Market regions

Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria

Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria, as financial centres, possess a high potential to attract investors, who are seeking safety and stability for their investments. We posted gratifying client inflows both in private banking in Liechtenstein and in private banking with Swiss clients in 2017.

In the meantime, our bank in Vienna has established itself as a reliable partner for private banking clients in Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe. It reached break-even point in 2014 after only five years of development and continued its success story in 2017. Thanks to very pleasing growth figures and good investment performance, assets under management climbed to a record high. Following the purchase of Semper Constantia Privatbank AG – as announced on 22 December 2017 – LLB is on the way to becoming one of the leading private banks, both in institutional business and private banking in Austria.

Traditional cross-border markets of Germany and other parts of Western Europe

Germany, Europe’s largest private banking market, continues to be important for our asset management. We benefit here from our extensive experience and the trust of our clients in the quality of our services and the good performance of our asset management.

Central and Eastern Europe

The LLB Group believes there is further potential for growth in the Central and Eastern European EU states and in the key market of Russia. In addition to the improved economic prospects in the region, we have two key success factors, namely, the stability and security of the LLB Group, as well as the specific market and product experience of our client advisers and investment specialists in Zurich, Geneva, Vaduz and Vienna.

Middle East

In 2017, the LLB Group’s Private Banking proved once again to be very successful in the Middle East market region. It makes an ever larger contribution to the Division’s overall performance. From our representative offices in Dubai (since 2008) and Abu Dhabi (since 2005) we take care of various client groups from the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region. We are one of the few foreign banks that provides clients with access to the stock markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.