Communication with the capital market

The LLB Group aims to provide an up-to-date picture of the opportunities and risks relating to its business activities by engaging in an open and ongoing dialogue with investors, analysts and representatives of the media. As a publicly listed company, we are obliged to publish share-price relevant information, including ad hoc information about events that may affect the share price, by means of media communiqués to all stakeholders. We inform shareholders, clients, employees and the public simultaneously, comprehensively and regularly about our business performance, value drivers as well as strategy and provide them with an overview of our key financial and operating figures. The aim is to ensure that the price of the LLB share reflects the fair value of the company.

The LLB Group publishes annual and interim financial results. There are also media and analyst conferences as well as conference calls for analysts, investors and the media. At the General Meetings of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Board of Management report transparently on the course of business. We also hold regular discussions with investors, provide information at roadshows and participate in specialist conferences for financial analysts and investors during the course of the year.

All publicly accessible information about the LLB Group can be accessed on our website at The public is welcome to register for electronically provided share-price relevant information about the LLB Group at Additionally, we publish our information via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter). The annual and interim financial reports are published by us in printed form and have also been available in a comprehensive online version with numerous additional functions since 2005. The Annual Report 2017 in German can be accessed online at and in English at