Genuine client focus

With its StepUp2020 strategy, the LLB Group has set itself the goal of gaining more time for providing individual care for its clients and further enhancing the quality of advice they receive.

Lean management

The Lean Management Group Programme makes a significant contribution to standardising processes as far as possible (see chapter “Corporate Center”) and to aligning our company even more closely with clients’ requirements. In the Retail & Corporate Banking Division we have fundamentally reviewed and revised our lending processes during the last two years and substantially reduced the time needed to process a loan application, i.e. by 30 percent in the case of a standard mortgage loan, while at the same time improving the process quality by 30 percent.

Following the completion in 2017 of the lean transformation of the Eschen bank branch, the Customer Service Center and the financing units are now to focus on lean management. We intend to improve the efficiency of the teams and the processes by motivating the staff concerned to initiate and actively embrace change.

Client advisory bank

Client relationships based on trust and a true understanding of clients and their needs are the ideal prerequisites to continue inspiring our clients in future. The client adviser plays a central role here.

Up to the end of 2017, 34 client advisers of the Retail & Corporate Banking Division had already completed the certification programme in accordance with the standards of the Swiss Association for Quality (see chapter “Employees”). By the end of 2020, all 178 advisers and staff having client contact will be certified. This guarantees the consistent high quality of the LLB Group as a client advisory bank.