Digitalisation and the bank of the future

24 / 7 banking

The progressive digitalisation of banking business is one of the key points of the LLB Group’s StepUp2020 strategy (see chapter “Corporate Center”). 2017 was the year of our digitalisation offensive. The goal is to enable our clients to conveniently and efficiently transact their banking business via various communication channels around-the-clock from anywhere.

Web portal with online banking

Designed in accordance with the latest security and technological standards, in February 2017 we introduced new mobile banking apps with touch ID for LLB and Bank Linth. In summer 2017, we launched a unique web portal with integrated online banking incorporating a modern layout and completely responsive features. We are therefore one of the few banks that have designed their entire online offering as a one-stop-shop – including expanded online banking. The website can be personalised and is aimed at the bank’s various stakeholders. During the introduction phase, we installed a hotline for our clients and, where necessary, optimised processes.

Humans and technology

The LLB Group is convinced that the future of banking lies in a smart interrelationship between human beings and technology. Clients are increasingly using various channels – telephones, smartphones, tablets, PCs and bank branches – in parallel. And even digital natives want to have the expertise of their bank adviser when dealing with complex financial issues. To enable us to efficiently fulfil our clients’ requirements, our omni-channel strategy incorporates a new type of bank branch concept.

Bank of the future

The trust of the people and the business community is the LLB Group’s core capital, which it carefully nurtures. The bank branches of Liechtensteinische Landesbank and Bank Linth offer a bundle of services such as expert advice, competent client care and needs-focused sales.

For two years now Bank Linth’s branch in Sargans has been combining traditional and new services to provide a new kind of experience. Since June 2017, the headquarters of Bank Linth in Uznach have reflected this “bank of the future” concept. In a multi-media client zone the obtaining of personal advice becomes an inspiring experience, while the self-service possibilities for carrying out bank and financial transactions set new standards of efficient service. The branch staff have become hosts, advisers, supporters, agents and coaches.


From 2016 up to 2020, investments of around CHF 30 million are planned for group-wide innovations and infrastructure projects to expand digital channels and services. Bank Linth has planned investments for the modification of all nineteen of its bank branches according to the “Bank of the Future” model. Liechtensteinische Landesbank will also invest in the redesign of its three bank branches. In 2018, the Balzers branch will be modified in line with changed client behaviour. From 2019, the client bank counters in Vaduz and in 2021 the Eschen branch will follow suit

Customer Service Center

As the interface between online and offline services, the Customer Service Center (CSE) has been the central hub for 64’000 retail clients for four years. Almost 26’600 of them are online banking clients and over 8’700 are mobile banking clients. In 2017, this dedicated team answered around 127’000 telephone calls, about 10’000 e-mails and 4’000 bank messages. It also dealt with 64’000 enquiries and questions. In 2017, the CSE was an important point of contact for clients during the changeover to the new, web-integrated online banking system.

The department further broadened and deepened its knowledge and competence by attending training courses on, among other subjects, the automatic exchange of information (AIA) and the EU “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive” (MiFID II).

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