Products and services

In the last two years, the LLB Group has made substantial investments in innovative products and services. Accordingly, in 2017 we were able to successfully position ourselves on the market and stand out from peers.

Individual product selection

Our “LLB Combi / Bank Linth Combi” options enable our private clients to design their own individual bank relationship. Using an online configurator, the client can select the services which he requires, and he pays only for what he uses. This unique model fulfils client requirements for individuality and clarity in banking business. For its online configurator the LLB Group was awarded the bronze prize of the “Best of Swiss Web” in 2017, the oldest digital award in Europe.

360-degree financial planning

The LLB Group has set itself the goal of accompanying its clients at every stage of life or phase of the business cycle, and offering solutions for all financial questions. In 2017, we expanded our 360-degree financial planning facilities under the designation “LLB Compass” − and also under “BLL Compass” in Switzerland (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”).

For young people

LLB and Bank Linth are creating new perspectives for young people in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland by becoming a coach for questions relating to financial knowledge in the social media. By offering the “young Liechtenstein” and “young Linth”, for short “youli”, banking services, LLB and Bank Linth are also successively expanding their strong market position in the youth segment. In 2017, almost 12’600 young people took advantage of our range of accounts.

Saving with strategy funds

With its initiatives, the LLB Group offers all generations of clients at every stage of life a bridge between financing and investing. Private investors benefit from the acknowledged investment competence of LLB Asset Management (see chapter “Institutional Clients”). Precisely in times of low interest rates, the award-winning LLB strategy funds prove to be a contemporary method of long-term saving and wealth appreciation.