Corporate culture, strategy and objectives

Vision and guiding principles

The LLB Group has a unique corporate culture. It is committed to a concept of banking with a binding system of values. We have enhanced our profile by redefining our vision and guiding principles in 2014 and firmly establishing them in the minds of the employees and managers.

Vision, guiding principles and StepUp2020 strategy (graphic)

Our vision is encapsulated in the sentence: “We set standards for banking with values.” Our vision of banking is based on the idea that we can excel at managing material values if we have a clearly defined system of values.

The resulting guiding principles refer to a binding system of values, which mean the following to us:

  • Integrity – we create clarity and stand by our word.
  • Respectfulness – we believe in partnership and hold both clients and colleagues in high esteem.
  • Excellence – we set standards through performance and passion.
  • Pioneering – we play an active role in creating a sustainable future.

Vision, guiding principles, strategy and objectives drive our thinking and our actions within the LLB Group in a sustainable way. Our success depends on high-quality implementation by the Group Executive Board and all employees.

Code of Conduct

We believe that responsible, forward-looking management practices are critical to our success. As a trustworthy and respectful partner, we want to be measured by our vision, our guiding principles and our Code of Conduct, which we introduced on 1 January 2018.

We set high standards when it comes to responsibility – both for ourselves as a company and for each individual. The Code of Conduct lays down these standards in a binding set of guidelines. It reflects our values and clarifies what we expect of the Boards of Directors, the Group Executive Board, the managers and the employees. It shows how to handle potential issues or difficult situations that affect our business practices or our dealings with each other.

The LLB Group is present in many countries – where the laws, regulations and rules of conduct are as different as the history, language and culture. The Code of Conduct helps us to implement our company’s values in our target markets and further strengthen the trust placed in us by our clients, investors and partners. Further information can be found at