Business bank for SMEs

The LLB Group plays an important role as the bank of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These form the backbone of the economy in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland. By covering these companies’ requirements for credit facilities and banking services, LLB and Bank Linth make a major contribution to the overall economic development of the region (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”). With a share of 60 percent, LLB is the market leader in corporate client business in Liechtenstein. Bank Linth is the largest regional bank in eastern Switzerland and a leading service provider.

Partner bank for corporate clients

In 2017, the Retail & Corporate Banking Division sharpened its strategy for corporate client business and expanded its services to position itself even more clearly as a partner bank for corporate clients. LLB and Bank Linth want to be a reliable partner offering efficient solutions for companies in their regions from the time the companies are founded through the whole business life cycle. The banks offer expertise and advice on all financial topics, a comprehensive range of products, short procedures and lean, digitally supported processes.

From 2018 we are setting up teams of specialists who, after making systematic analyses, will formulate customised, needs-based, holistic road maps to enable companies to optimise their investments, to manage risks, to create perspectives for investments, to safeguard pension schemes and to support international activities. Furthermore, we shall enhance our infrastructure and improve processes to be better able to support corporate clients via digital channels and with the assistance of external partners.

Network partnerships

Since 2016, LLB has reaffirmed its local responsibility by collaborating closely with the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce. At the forefront of its efforts are the support and promotion of owners, successors, business leaders and senior executives from the local business community. In 2017, we began providing advice to the Liechtenstein Technopark and to start-up companies as a partner of the “Home of Innovation” initiative. Moreover, LLB is a supporting member of “digital-liechtenstein”, a platform to encourage digital innovation and networking in Liechtenstein.