Brand and digitalisation

With its “Liechtensteinische Landesbank” and “Bank Linth” brands, the LLB Group is seizing the opportunities presented by the digital world. Our aim is to further develop the personal relationship with our clients and, at the same time, convey our values. An example of this is our new web portal with integrated online banking – it has a state-of-the-art layout and is user friendly and fully “responsive”. We are one of very few banks that has designed its entire online offering as a one-stop shop (see chapter “Retail & Corporate Banking”, and chapter “Corporate Center”).

In April 2017, the LLB Group won bronze in the “Best of Swiss Web Awards” for the successful interplay between the brand and the online world. The jury of the longest-established web award in Europe honoured the “usability” of the product configurator for the “LLB Combi / Bank Linth Combi”. The model fulfils our clients’ needs for individuality and clarity in banking.

Social channels

LLB and Bank Linth conduct an omni-channel dialogue. This includes a presence in social media. Clients, potential applicants and employees exchange views here and by doing so help shape the image of the company. The LLB Group aligns its social media activities with its overall strategic concept. It includes four aspects that underscore our proximity to clients, our innovative power, our attractiveness as an employer and our brands’ presence. The LLB Group community has continued to grow: on Facebook, for instance, the number of fans increased to 6’334 in 2017 (2016: 761), and 449 posts were published.

Our image on social channels is consistent with the overall image of the LLB Group. In this way, we support the value-oriented positioning of our brands. With concrete and authentic content, we enter into dialogue with all stakeholders through Facebook and Twitter. We strengthen our employer profile using the XING and LinkedIn networks. Given strategic and legal requirements, we are concentrating our efforts in the markets of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria.


Young adults’ lives and days are dominated by the smartphone, the internet and social media. Under the “youli” label, the LLB Group is in constant dialogue with 15 to 30 year olds. The platform is active in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland and stands for “young Liechtenstein” and “young Linth”. We bring infrastructure, coaching, advice, experiences and join-in activities in the language and into the world of the young people (see chapter “Retail & Corporate Banking”).

Campaigns in the spring and autumn of 2017 generated much renewed interest in our youth platform. The number of “youli” fans onFacebook climbed to 3’124 “likes”. Our contributions generated over 3’500 positive posts.