The non-profit Future Foundation

Sustainability in everyday life

The “Zukunftsstiftung der Liechtensteinischen Landesbank AG” (the Future Foundation of Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG), which was founded in 2011 as part of our 150th anniversary celebrations, supports commitment to social and ecological sustainability in everyday life. We support organisations and non-profit projects that improve living and working conditions and promote self-responsibility. Besides this, we promote projects dedicated to environmental protection. We focus on innovations in the areas of knowledge transfer as well as the integration and implementation of social entrepreneurship.

Trust, responsibility and reliability are important to the LLB Group. The company is closely connected to the people and the economy of Liechtenstein and the adjacent regions. In addition to project-specific contributions amounting to CHF 32’000, the Future Foundation contributed to society by donating a total of CHF 79’500 to social organisations in 2017. The Future Foundation is a member of the network of the “Vereinigung liechtensteinischer gemeinnütziger Stiftungen” (Association of Liechtenstein Non-Profit Foundations), which aims to promote the idea of entrepreneurial philanthropy.

Projects in 2017

The Future Foundation’s commitment in the areas of community service and the environment has a lasting, sustainable impact. Through its annual donations to a set circle of social institutions in Liechtenstein, the Future Foundation helps to maintain healthy social structures in the country. Providing additional funding to individual projects helps innovative ideas in the area of social and ecological development in the LLB Group’s market regions to be realised in practice.

Over the past six years, the Future Foundation has made over 120 donations and contributions to around 40 projects, in all totalling over CHF 900’000.

Since the projects receiving funding contributions are mostly small, focused and located in the market regions of LLB and Bank Linth (Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland) as well as LLB Österreich, from the point of view of the beneficiary organisations the funding is often critical to their realisation. In 2017, the Future Foundation supported the following projects:

  • Verein Neuraum (new space association) – FreeVeloPoint: The association has old bicycles renovated in a social workshop and provides them free of charge to the public. There are now around eighty bicycles available for use and fourteen docking stations across Liechtenstein’s municipalities.
  • pepperMINT: The MINT Initiative Liechtenstein is a social foundation that that offers children and young people the chance to experience and learn mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology in a fun way.
  • Initiative Praktische Hilfe (practical help initiative): Refugees and asylum seekers receive support when it comes to learning a language, applying for a job or filling out a form. And through networking with institutions and companies, the initiative helps refugees to integrate into the work process faster.
  • Sibiu 2018 – Providing support to a Romany village in Romania: In October, thirty apprentices from Liechtenstein are to refurbish an old carpenter’s workshop under the supervision of expert craftsmen. The objective of the project is to contribute to improving the living conditions in the municipalities of Transylvania by preserving the cultural heritage.
  • Association NetzWerk – “Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr Liechtenstein” (voluntary year of community service): This project, which has been supported by the Future Foundation since 2016, offers young people the opportunity to complete a professionally organised voluntary social service year at a social institution. Six people successfully completed a social service year in 2017.
  • “Stiftung Zukunft Liechtenstein” foundation: LLB has been promoting this think tank, which addresses economic and socio-political topics relevant to the sustainable development of Liechtenstein and the securing of its future, for the past four years.
  • Alte Metzg Schaan: In 2017, LLB again supported the Christmas campaign to distribute food aid to people in need.