Sponsorships and events are gaining in importance worldwide. The instrument enjoys a high level of acceptance among all the stakeholders and conveys credibility and affinity. In 2016, the LLB Group clearly reformulated its sponsoring strategy:

  • We want our four values to be experienced on an emotional and professional level through our activities.
  • We strengthen and enable platforms and partnerships which fit us best.
  • We coordinate partnerships and our own events group-wide using a new management tool.
  • We explain what the LLB Group stands for simply, using topic pyramids.

With our sponsoring policy, we want to gain our target groups as brand ambassadors. Our involvement must suit, complement or strengthen the character of our brands. We therefore only focus on a few, effective long-term sponsorships that have a clear connection to a specific market area. As a universal bank, we take our responsibility very seriously and sponsor public events. The LLB Group always remains politically neutral in this regard and does not make financial or any other types of contributions to politicians or parties.

Young adults and families

LLB and Bank Linth have placed young adults and families at the centre of their activities. The response has been resounding and very positive. In 2017, our commitment was to supporting, above all, sports, culture and society. We have supported three sponsorships and events for over a decade:

LLB is the main sponsor of FC Vaduz (FCV). We extended our involvement for a further two years in 2016. We have been supporting FCV for thirteen years now, because the team provides important impulses for professional sport in Liechtenstein and because it does valuable work for amateur sport too.

In July 2017, LLB invited bands and artists from the Rhine Valley region into the inner courtyard of LLB in Vaduz for the open-air “Summer in the Courtyard” series of concerts, which is already in its 21st year. What began in 1997 with a concert by the Big Band Liechtenstein has developed into a distinctive feature of the musical summer programme in Liechtenstein.

We have also sponsored the Vaduz Town Run (“Städtlelauf”) for many years now – a popular fun run, staged in May 2017 with participants divided into eighteen categories and covering a running distance of up to ten kilometres (the main run). Participants and spectators from Liechtenstein and the surrounding region came to Vaduz for the 33rd anniversary of the run.


By foregrounding project sponsorship as support, the LLB Group underscores the principle that each project retains its content and organisational independence. In 2017, Liechtensteinische Landesbank invested CHF 575’000 (2016: CHF 545’000) in projects in Liechtenstein, and Bank Linth invested CHF 398’000 (2016: CHF 426’000) in projects in Switzerland. This is quite apart from our Group’s long tradition of making donations. In this way, LLB has supported non-profit and social organisations for more than thirty years and since 2011 it has done this through the “Zukunftsstiftung der Liechtensteinischen Landesbank AG” (the Future Foundation of Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG), which was founded as part of our 150th anniversary celebrations (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”).