Success factors

Wealthy private clients and entrepreneurs value three things about the LLB Group’s Private Banking: the stability and security of our bank, the level of service quality, and outstanding investment performance.

Stability and security

With 156 years of history, the LLB Group has a long tradition as a private bank. Wealthy private clients and entrepreneurs trust in our experience and value us as a reliable partner, who understands their needs and wishes. Furthermore, there is the certainty of being with a bank that is regarded as being the embodiment of stability and security. For example, the LLB Group has been one of the best capitalised universal banks in Europe for years (see chapter “Finance and risk management”). Moreover the Principality of Liechtenstein, as the majority shareholder, is one of only eleven countries in the world to possess an AAA rating (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”).

High level of service quality

Integral solutions from one source

Wealthy clients attach great value to mutual trust, lateral and forward thinking as well as realistic judgement. Our private banking advisers take the time to understand the financial objectives and the life situation of their clients in order to be able to develop the optimum investment strategy for each individual. Our holistic advisory services are clearly structured and transparent starting with analysis, going on to strategy, customised implementation and regular reviews.

Asset management and investment advice of the future

The LLB Group takes an innovative and flexible approach to facing the challenges of the era. Our investment advisory services ideally combine the investment competence of our asset management services with the latest information technology and individual advisory models.

The hybrid “LLB Invest” investment model takes advantage of the strengths of two worlds: the speed, precision and reliability of technology coupled with the background knowledge, the wealth of experience and the creativity of our client advisers, who formulate profitable technical solutions for our clients.

Individual advisory models

We offer our clients outstanding investment solutions tailored to suit their individual wishes. Providing personal care and support to clients during the process of wealth appreciation are of central importance to us. We use systematic monitoring to ensure the safety of investments and the optimisation of the performance of client portfolios.

In 2017, we supplemented the two existing “LLB Invest” advisory models with the new “LLB Basic” model to be able to offer all investors the best care. With this further focus on clients, the LLB Group is complying with the EU “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive”, (MiFID II), which came into effect in January 2018.

Client adviser certification

Trust is the core driver of the financial services industry. It is our client advisers, who create this trust. Accordingly, we make major investments in enhancing their knowledge. Therefore, in this and the following years all private banking client advisers and assistants will complete the certification programme according to the standards of the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) (see chapter “Employees”).

Outstanding investment performance

Investment competence

In competitive comparison, our Private Banking is distinguished by outstanding investment performance. Awards received in the past and in 2017 demonstrate that the investment competence of our asset management is one of the great strengths of the LLB Group (see chapter “Institutional Clients”).

Broad diversification

LLB Asset Management possesses excellent expertise, and using systematic, transparent investment processes creates consistent added value for our clients. This applies both for asset management and for investment funds. The range of possibilities is extremely extensive and enables a broad diversification of capital investments. In 2018, the LLB Group is adding passive asset management mandates in various investment strategies and passively managed equity funds to its product offering.

International presence – local ties

Through the brands “Liechtensteinische Landesbank” and “Bank Linth”, the Private Banking Division defines its international presence and local ties. Our focus lies on the onshore markets of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria, on our traditional cross-border markets of Germany and other parts of Western Europe, as well as on the growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The LLB Group operates three booking centres and has a bank each in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria. We are present internationally in Vaduz, Zurich-Erlenbach, Geneva, Vienna, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as locally through 19 branches of Bank Linth in eastern Switzerland and three LLB branches in Liechtenstein.