Sustainable procurement

Purchasing management

The growing complexity of supply chains makes purchasing management, in conjunction with sustainable business management, an important discipline. The LLB Group is committed to ensuring that human rights and ecological standards are observed in the supply chain.

That is why we drew up a group-wide directive in 2013 that sets minimum standards our suppliers are obliged to accept. These include compliance with laws, minimisation of the environmental impact, staff health protection as well as the avoidance of both child labour and forced labour. Fairness, transparency, data protection, human rights as well as ecological and ethical behaviour are essential criteria for our purchasing management. Offers are systematically analysed and checked for compliance with the standards.

We increasingly raise our employees’ awareness to consider sustainability when choosing office supplies, office equipment and suppliers. Our purchasing management is continuously being developed. This will support our mission to integrate the factor of sustainability, analyse savings potential and reduce costs.

Well over 50 percent of our suppliers are based in Liechtenstein or eastern Switzerland. Our local buyers (category managers) check that new suppliers are observing human rights and ecological standards. When procuring IT products, the category manager for the purchasing class “IT & market data (IT)” checks the resource consumption for operating and disposing of the equipment.