What brings people together?

Hanna Roeckle
Polyeder / Polyhedron
Gemini Green
Lacquer on GFP
125 x 99 x 99 cm
Göttlich Golden Genial, Museum for
Communication Berlin, 2016 / 2017

Bernd Moosmann

Head of Group Human Resources


Where there is diversity, there is culture.

The LLB Group has a unique corporate culture. It is committed to a form of banking which is based on a set of binding values.

«The culture of a company has a significant influence upon its business success.»

Bernd Moosmann,
Head of Group Human Resources

When people embody the same values, a unique identity is created. People from 38 nations work at the LLB Group. Together, they bring our corporate culture to life. By acting according to our values of “integrity, respectfulness, excellence and pioneering”, they set the kind of positive energy free that makes all the difference. Growth means development at LLB, and diversity under one roof is a guarantee for quality and innovative power. Everyone is part of the whole, as the whole is part of the individual.

Inspired people have the possibility of driving themselves and the LLB Group forward. Together they can achieve excellence.


days of leisure time purchased

There is pronounced sense of belonging together at the LLB Group. The employees identify with the company. They feel a high level of commitment, i.e. their sense of belonging to and identification with the company are very strong, as the results of regular surveys reveal. LLB consistently implements measures for the benefit of its employees such as in the areas of workplace health promotion, improvements to the physical work environment and flexible working times and locations.

LLB's four values

Satisfied employees – satisfied clients: the correlation plays a major role. The four values for how to deal with clients and how to deal with each other are decisive for LLB.

  • Integrity means we create clarity and keep our word.
  • We deal with clients and each other respectfully and in a partner-like manner.
  • We strive for excellence and thereby set standards based on passion and performance.
  • As pioneers we shape the future actively and sustainably.

All in all, the LLB Group offers its employees a partner-like corporate culture, an interesting work content and great creative freedom.

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