Saving time for clients

As part of the StepUp2020 strategy, the LLB Group set itself the goal of investing more time in the individual care of its clients and enhancing the quality of advice it gives them. The Lean Management Group Programme makes a significant contribution to standardising processes as far as possible and to aligning our company even more closely with clients’ requirements (see chapter “Corporate Center”). In the Retail & Corporate Banking Division, we have fundamentally reviewed and revised our lending processes during the last few years and substantially reduced the time needed to process a loan application, i.e. by 30 per cent in the case of a standard mortgage loan – while at the same time improving the quality of the process by 30 per cent.

Feedback from client surveys

So that we can determine where our clients’ problems lie, we initiated a series of roundtable discussions in 2018 with various corporate clients in order to obtain valuable feedback. We learned from these discussions that our clients would like a shorter throughput time for orders and faster access to client advisers. The measures implemented within the scope of the lean management process are aimed at exactly these issues. Thanks to the good feedback we received from them, these roundtable talks will now be held annually. In addition, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, we have launched a comprehensive written client survey. Among other responses, this showed that is easy for clients to reach LLB, that corporate clients are very satisfied with the quality of service they receive, and that information and documents are clearly formulated and comprehensible. According to the results of the survey, improvements are needed with the user-friendliness of online banking. Consequently, we have already implemented various measures to resolve this issue. Standardised questionnaires were also used to carry out qualitative client interviews among private clients with the goal of better coordinating processes and services to suit changing client requirements.