Financial intermediaries

At the LLB, professional investors and financial intermediaries receive comprehensive service and care. The LLB’s goal is to jointly offer end clients requirement-targeted investment advice or individual asset management ranging from analysis to detailed reporting.

The volume of assets managed for financial intermediaries in 2016 totalled over CHF 12 billion. We are well positioned in the fiercely competitive Swiss market and foresee further growth potential. In 2017, the LLB Group will intensify its advisory activities in Switzerland by recruiting new client advisers and holding more round-table events.

Innovative B2B solutions

With the goal of enhancing competitiveness and increasing efficiency, we are focusing on preferred partners and their networks. To strengthen our long-term collaboration with intermediary clients, in 2016 we introduced innovative and exclusive B2B solutions on the market under the label “LLB Xpert Solutions”.

Since March 2016, our institutional clients have also been benefitting from a customised and transparent, flexible pricing model, which distinguishes LLB from its competitors. Our B2B package supplements our product and service offer as well as enabling us to intensify the dialogue with our clients. The package includes “LLB Xpert Monitoring” that provides an individually coordinated, continual monitoring of the portfolio risks for the end client. This supplies an additional degree of security and contains interesting opportunities for intermediaries to fulfil their control obligations.

Genuine continuity and competence

We help financial intermediaries to find the correct investment strategy with good diversification for their end clients. For this purpose we provide a high level of service quality, sound investment advice, up-to-date information on regulatory and investment subjects, open and constant communication, as well as a personal contact partner. The positive feedback that we have received confirms the validity of our model.

With some asset management mandates, our client advisers bring in specialists from the Asset Management Division. In 2016 several specialist training courses were also held on subjects such as AIA, FATCA and KYC (see chapter “Regulatory framework and developments”). At the same time, our client advisers participated in the training programme according to the standards of the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) (see chapter “Employees”). By the end of 2020, all clients advisers will be certified.