Asset Management

Asset Management (ASM) takes a central position within the LLB Group. It manages future-oriented, high-performing products and supports all three market divisions with investment competence in the three target market regions (see chapter “Strategy and organisation”). As a member of the Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein, this Group company plays an active role in the development of the Liechtenstein financial centre.

Global Investment Performance Standards

For 15 years, Asset Management has been GIPS certified, i.e. it adheres to a compliance standard in line with the „Global Investment Performance Standards“, a method of calculating and presenting investment performance that is recognised throughout the world. At the end of 2016, the volume invested in LLB funds stood at CHF 5.2 billion, representing a continual increase within the last five years. The asset management volume amounted to CHF 5.5 billion.


In a long-term competitive comparison, the most important track record of every asset manager, LLB consistently achieves top rankings with its strategy funds. In 2016 / 2017, it received the following awards:

  • Umbrella fund award of the “GELD”, the Austrian journal for financial professionals (twelve umbrella fund awards in five years)
  • Hedge Fund Awards 2017 of the magazine “Acquisition International (AI)”: “Best Portfolio Manager – Liechtenstein” and “Best Alternative UCITS Fund”
  • “FUCHS Performance Project II”: top position for the fourth year in a row
  • “German Fund Prize” at the “15th Funds Professional Congress” honoured for the second time with the title “Outstanding”

LLB investment funds

LLB Asset Management possesses outstanding investment expertise and is constantly expanding and enhancing its knowledge. In 2016, we further refined and improved our range of funds and our analysis, which is based on quantitative value models. Further improvements to attain systematically good performance were made in particular to the equities model. In both asset management and investment advisory business, the LLB Group foregoes retrocessions for its own and external funds.

With the exception of five funds for large institutional investors, all LLB funds are Europe-compatible. This means they comply with the UCITS IV EU directive (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities Directive) with respect to investment categories, diversification, transparency, tradability and risk. The reference data of every fund, such as strategy, costs and risk profile, can be simply and clearly read on the key investor document (KID). LLB UCITS funds are licensed for distribution in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and since January 2016, the majority of the funds are also licensed for distribution in Germany and Austria.

Almost thirty retrocession-exempt LLB funds are mainly actively managed by experienced fund managers. A systematic, value-oriented security selection process together with conscious risk control are the key factors driving their good performance.

Asset management

LLB offers six different investment strategies from “Fixed Interest” to “Equities” in the reference currencies CHF, EUR and USD. This makes it simple for clients to invest in the portfolio most suitable for their particular life situation. Asset management clients also benefit from the extremely good investment returns achieved by LLB Asset Management.

Investment Center organisation

Our new Investment Center has been enhancing the investment advisory competence of the LLB Group since January 2016. This solution brings the investment organisational units of Bank Linth, LLB Austria, LLB Erlenbach and LLB Dubai together at the Investment Center Vaduz to form the interface between the client advisory and asset management functions. An increase in personnel is planned at the Investment Center in Vaduz for 2017.