Market regions

Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria

The Liechtenstein and Swiss financial centres have the potential to attract investors, who are seeking security and safety for their investments. In spite of the limited area of the market, in 2016 the LLB Group registered an increase in client assets under management in Liechtenstein.

Our bank in Vienna, LLB (Österreich) AG, reached the break-even point in 2014 after only five years of development. It continued its success story in 2016.

Traditional cross-border markets of Germany, Switzerland and parts of Western Europe

For our asset management, Germany is still our largest and most important private banking market in Europe. Our business volume has stabilised in this market.

Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East

Largely due to streamlining activities, the LLB Group registered asset outflows in Central and Eastern Europe during 2016. Hower, we believe there is further growth potential in the Eastern European EU states and in the highly competitive key Russian market.

Dubai is regarded as the business hub for the Gulf region. Abu Dhabi plays an important role for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is one of the most financially strong investors in the world. We provide our clients with access to the stock markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Since 2016, we have a team to care for non-resident Indian clients, while a second team looks after our Arab and other expat clients. The LLB Group’s Private Banking is extremely successful in the Middle East market region.