Business profile

In a constructive dialogue with institutional clients, LLB enhances their potential and success. Investment competence, extensive expertise and personal service are the attributes that distinguish us.

The Institutional Clients Division encompasses the intermediary and funds business, as well as the asset management operations of the LLB Group. We concentrate on fiduciaries, asset managers, fund promoters, insurance companies, pension funds and public institutions. Liechtenstein is the only country in Europe having unrestricted access to two economic areas: Switzerland and the European Union. This enables an optimal servicing of our two core markets, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Competence centres

Awards gained in the past and in 2016 show that the LLB Group’s investment competence centre, LLB Asset Management AG, consistently generates substantial added value for our clients using systematic, transparent investment processes. This applies to both asset management and our Europe-compatible investment funds.

Our second competence centre, LLB Fund Services AG, is one of the two largest fund service providers in the Liechtenstein financial centre. LLB is an important provider of individual private label fund solutions and – measured by the number of mandates − is the market leader in Liechtenstein as a custodian bank for external funds.

The great strength of the Financial Intermediaries Department within the Institutional Clients Division is its dense client network. In Liechtenstein almost every licensed fiduciary and the majority of independent asset managers is a client of LLB. We therefore maintain very close ties with clients and know their requirements thoroughly.