Risk management

Assuming risk goes hand in hand with the business of banking. A conscious and prudent approach to dealing with risk is of paramount importance to the LLB Group. Finance and risk management is based on a sustainable approach.

We are convinced that sustainable, profitable growth is only possible with a prudent risk culture. Consciously accepting and profitably managing risks is one of the LLB Group’s core competences. We attach great importance to a prudent approach to dealing with risk at all levels of the organisation. To avoid conflicts of interest, we have established effective and organisationally independent controlling bodies and processes. We address the issue of risk in a constructive and solution-oriented dialogue and manage it appropriately. At the LLB Group, we balance opportunities and risks.

It is essential for the protection of the reputation, the maintenance of the excellent financial strength and the securing of the sustainable profitability of the LLB Group that risks are dealt with prudently (see chapter “Risk management”). It applies a suitable organisational and methodological framework for risk assessment and risk management. We ensure that we can always provide adequate liquidity and capital to cover all material risks with the “Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process” (ICAAP).