Bank branch concept

The branches of Liechtensteinische Landesbank and Bank Linth deliver a bundle of services. They are providers of high-quality advice, competent service centres and a core of distribution activities. Retail & Corporate Banking is a regional and local business. Our client advisers can assess the potential of private clients and companies and know the history as well as the special features of the region (see chapter “Employees”). Our clients increasingly utilise various channels − smartphone, tablet and PC − in parallel, but without wanting to forego personal advice.

Our goal is to serve clients of all generations – irrespective of how, when and where they wish to carry out their banking transactions. Accordingly, the LLB Group’s omni-channel strategy represents a new type of concept for the bank branch of the future.

Bank of the future

The trust of the people and the business community is the LLB Group’s core capital, which it carefully nurtures in its bank branches. Since June 2015, the Bank Linth branch in Sargans, Switzerland has been providing clients with a special experience. In a multi-media client zone the obtaining of personal advice becomes an inspiring experience, while the self-service possibilities for carrying out bank and financial transactions have established new service standards.

Bank Linth plans to remodel all its 19 branches in accordance with this “bank of the future” model by 2020 (see chapter “Employees”). For this purpose it has estimated investment costs of CHF 20 million. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank will also adapt its bank branches to suit changed customer behaviour over the next three years.

Internal changes will also be implemented in line with the “bank of the future” concept. Since 2015, the bank has been successively centralising administrative tasks to relieve pressure on client advisers. At the same time, various business areas practice a form of crossworking to provide optimal support for clients in all life situations.