Mobility management

The LLB Group is committed to actively managing the environmental impact of the business and commuter traffic caused by its employees.

Promoting the use of public transport

We encourage our staff to use public transport and, if possible, not to drive to work, but to form car pools or switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives. Road traffic in Liechtenstein is increasing at an annual rate of more than 3 percent. Densely built-up areas mean that carriageways and parking spaces cannot be expanded in many cases. We introduced car park management at the headquarters in Vaduz as far back as 1997.

In 2013, LLB’s Mobility Commission added new elements to its comprehensive mobility management, which was introduced in 2010. It considerably increased not only the costs for parking spaces but also the rewards to those employees who switch from using private motorised transport to more environmentally friendly means of transport. The fee system for employee parking spaces comprises four rates. LLB makes graduated payments to employees who forego a parking space.

It subsidises half of the cost of an annual travel pass with LIECHTENSTEINmobil (LIEmobil), the Liechtenstein bus company, as an incentive to switch to public transport. Employees commuting to their workplace from outside the area served by LIEmobil buses receive an allowance for using regional public transport. Staff are also encouraged to take the bus or ride our company bicycles to meetings and events in Liechtenstein. There are a total of six vehicles and two trailers available for work-related trips, errands and building maintenance.

Cycling to work

More than half of the distances travelled by car in Liechtenstein are shorter than five kilometres, as are the distances between the individual LLB buildings in Vaduz. Our employees have had the possibility to use company bicycles for more than ten years; we now have 45 such bicycles. LLB employees have been taking part in the competition run by the Verkehrs-Club Liechtenstein (VCL) “Radfahren für Ihre Gesundheit” (Cycling for your health) and the one by the LIHK “Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit” (Cycling to work) for years. We make a contribution of CHF 50 towards the cost of buying a bicycle helmet. Since 2016, the campaign has been extended to include the purchase of a ski or motorcycle helmet and runs under the motto “Kluge Köpfe schützen sich” (Clever heads protect themselves).

State-of-the-art video technology

Since ecology and the economy are inseparably linked, our aim of promoting energy efficiency also applies to the number of kilometres travelled on business trips. We were able to further reduce this amount as a result of having installed ten video-conferencing systems group-wide in 2015. The LLB Group uses the latest state-of-the-art, high-end video technology with the best picture and sound quality so that decision-making processes and optimum knowledge transfer can be accelerated at executive and project team meetings. At the same time, this means travel cost savings and, hence, an improvement in the ecological footprint.