Genuine client focus

Clients expect not just high quality advice and digital services, they also want to know how financial products function. As the first financial institution in Switzerland, for several years already Bank Linth has striven to fulfil its clients’ requirements for clear and concise communication as well as short decision-making channels. It does this by pursuing its “Simplicity in banking” concept. In 2017, Bank Linth wants to expand its market position while also focusing on emotion, closeness and trust in banking. The aim of this strategic initiative is for the bank to position itself as a financial partner and an active part of the customer family.

Client advisory bank

Client relationships based on trust and a true understanding of customers and their needs are promising prerequisites in order to activate the potential of our clients more robustly in the future. However, intensive advisory services and products cannot be replaced by modern technology. The client adviser plays a central role here.

In 2016, the first client advisers of the Retail & Corporate Banking Division successfully completed the certification programme in accordance with the standards of the Swiss Association for Quality (see chapter “Employees”). By the end of 2020, all clients advisers will be certified. This guarantees the consistent high quality of the LLB Group als a client advisory bank.

Customer Service Center

For the last three years, the Customer Service Center (CSC) in Vaduz has been the central service hub for 63‘000 retail customers providing them with sound knowledge and advice in their language and the appreciation they deserve. Almost 25’300 of them are online banking clients and about 6’300 are mobile banking customers. In 2016, this dedicated team answered around 59’000 telephone calls, almost 6’000 e-mails and over 3’500 bank messages. It also dealt with 50’500 enquiries and questions.

The department further broadened and deepened its knowledge and competence by attending training courses on the automatic exchange of information (AIA), know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-transactions (KYT) principles, cross-border banking in the LLB offshore markets, as well as on the revised due diligence ordinance (DDO), which came into force in Liechtenstein in 2016. In 2017, we are planning to install a process to systematically activate the knowledge stored in the CSE about the requirements of LLB customers.