Implementation of the brand content

We have been promoting the positioning of LLB since 2015 with the “We make traditional banking dynamic” image campaign. Five subjects communicating our brand image feature in all the important Liechtenstein and Swiss financial newspapers and business journals. These subjects are also on display at both the headquarters in Vaduz and the bank branches in Eschen and Balzers. Our figurative language corresponds with our values of “integrity” and “respectfulness”.

Image campaigns

In 2016, the LLB Group focused on the further development of its strategic initiatives. Innovations such as “LLB Xpert Solutions”, “LLB Combi” and “LLB Compass” were paired with a high level of investment competence. LLB’s strategy funds are among the European market leaders in a long-term comparison. In 2016, these were the topics of image campaigns with unconventional implementation in print and online media, above all in Liechtenstein, but also in selected Swiss and international press titles. In 2016, Bank Linth continued its image campaign under the heading of “Truly simple”.

Profile as an employer

In 2016, the LLB Group also enhanced its profile as an employer. The differentiating and essential features of the LLB Group are the corporate culture, job diversity and scope for growth. In the middle of last year, LLB enhanced its employer branding for the purpose of its external image through the creation of new image worlds. The employer branding concept serves to underline and promote the particular character of the LLB Group as an employer. In line with its vision and guiding principles including the associated values, the LLB Group runs a campaign under the claim “Banking as it is meant to be: friendly and professional”. The campaign includes HR image ads as well as job advertisements in print and online.

Social channels

LLB and Bank Linth pursue an omni-channel dialogue. This includes their presence in social media, which is where clients, potential applicants and employees exchange views and by doing so help shape the image of the company. In November 2016, the LLB Group strategically reoriented its social media activities in line with a sustainable overall concept.

Our image in social channels is consistent with the overall image of the LLB Group. With concrete and authentic content, we enter into dialogue with all stakeholders through Facebook and Twitter. We strengthen our profile as an employer using the XING and LinkedIn networks. Given strategic and legal requirements, we are concentrating our efforts in the markets of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria.


Young adults’ lives and days are dominated by the smartphone, the internet and social media. Strong client ties, therefore, already begin for LLB and Bank Linth in the classroom. The LLB Group has provided a platform aimed at young adults, called “youli”, since 2014. The platform is active in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland and stands for “young Liechtenstein” and “young Linth”. We bring infrastructure, coaching, advice, experiences and join-in activities in the language and into the world of the young people (see chapter “Retail & Corporate Banking”).