Products and services

The LLB Group’s Private Banking Division supports wealthy clients with commitment, expertise, outstanding investment competence and a sound understanding of their goals and concerns. Customised to suit specific client segments, we offer investment counselling, asset management, asset structuring, financing facilities as well as financial and retirement planning. This makes us the preferred partner for wealthy private clients as well as for entrepreneurs.

Investment advice of the future

Asset management and investment advice are core services in private banking. In March 2016, the LLB Group introduced “LLB Invest / Bank Linth Invest”, a new product and a new advisory experience providing the investment advice of the future. This investment advisory application combines our Asset Management’s award-winning investment competence with the latest information technology and individual advisory models.

As a ground-breaking solution, it supports our active client care and service and enables the analysis and optimisation of a client’s portfolio at any time. During 2017, clients in the growth markets will also be able to benefit from this investment advisory solution. This hybrid advisory model brings two worlds together: the speed, precision and reliability of technology with the background knowledge, wealth of experience and creativity of human beings in deploying technical solutions.

Private financial planning

The LLB is the only bank in Liechtenstein to offer comprehensive financial planning services, a business area which was enlarged again in 2016. With our “LLB Compass”, we support our private clients and entrepreneurs at every stage of life or every phase of the business cycle to achieve their financial goals. This service covers all the important themes such as wealth planning, financing facilities, retirement, real estate, taxation and estate planning (see chapter “Responsibilities for society and the environment”).

Transparent pricing model

The LLB Group is meeting and mastering the challenges of the modern era with agility and innovative power. All three banks in the LLB Group completely forego retrocessions on their own and external investment funds. In Liechtenstein LLB is the only bank, and in Switzerland one of the few banks, to deploy a pricing model exempt from retrocessions in its asset management and investment counselling services.

Group Product Management

To increase its innovative power and to harmonise and accelerate product development, the LLB Group has set up the Group Product Management Business Area, which brings together all the product competencies under one roof. It consists of three departments, which are responsible for all market regions.