Excellence in dialogue

Around 86 billion nerve cells are in constant communication with one another so as to ensure that humans can feel, think and act. Experience improves this transmission capacity. Experience also lends wings to the quest for excellence. Four employees of the LLB Group invited four masters in their fields for a discussion. All dialogues confirm: excellence comes from inside. Excellence is something that is constantly evolving. Excellence is unique.

Jürg Hunkeler Head of Corporate Clients, Bank Linth

Jürg Hunkeler (photo)

“Things are bound to go well if expertise and gut feeling are combined.”

Jeffrey Tomlinson
Head Coach, Rapperswil-Jona Lakers Ice Hockey Club

Jeff Tomlinson (photo)

“Improvisation also plays an important role in ice hockey.”

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Birgitta Gassner Lawyer and estate planner, LLB

Dr. Birgitta Gassner (photo)

“Digitisation will change the professional world, and we will need young people who pick holes in arguments.”

Hanny Büchel Remedial and Montessori teacher LERNBAR Association, Balzers

Hanny Büchel (photo)

“No two people are the same. Rigid standards are hardly the answer.”

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Thomas Mähr
Head of Fund Risk Management & Reporting, LLB Fund Services

Thomas Mähr (photo)

“We want to help people, and we don’t do it for the accolades.”

Horst Böhler Entrepreneur, böhler+sohn, Feldkirch

Horst Böhler (photo)

“Exchanging experiences makes sense, and saves on time and mistakes.”

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Marc Spirig Project Manager at Group Corporate Development, LLB Group

Martin Risch (photo)

“Innovation is the driver of growth, and trust is the foundation of everything.”

Martin Risch Doctor and co-CEO Dr Risch Medical Laboratory, Vaduz

Marc Spirig (photo)

“If a company wants to be innovative, the way it interacts with people is key.”

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